Introduction of gum Arabic

The farmer picking the gum from Acacia tree.Gum Arabic (gum Acacia) is come from the sap of Acacia trees. The growing area of these trees called "Gum Belt" which is located in southern edge of Sahara desert Africa .

During the harvest season in Gum Belt, famers collect the lump of crude gum after "tapping" process on the bark. The amber like gum Arabic come out and glistening under the sunlight, this is kind of cash crop for the people who live in original place.

Gum Arabic help them increase the income and gum tree protect their land against desertification, thus, "Desert Gold" is another name of gum lump.

The low viscosity is most important property for gum Arabic unlike other hydrocolloids, its high solubility is another special property, and we can dissolve 55% of gum in water without problem.

People use gum Arabic since long time ago, ancient Egyptians use gum Arabic as adhesive to help in the mummification process, archaeologist found the property of gum on the mummy are no change despite thousand years was passing by.

Ancient Egyptian add gum Arabic into ink to prevent the carbon particle flocculate and sediment, in this case gum Arabic against Van Dar Waals Forces work in carbon particle and stable the suspension.

Nowadays, there is more and more application with gum Arabic, especially in food industry, gum Arabic act as adhesive, film former, emulsifier, stabilizer, Thickener, glazing agent and so on.

Gum Arabic contain high percentage of dietary fiber, from many clinical research, gum Arabic shows prebiotic effect in humans by boosting gut populations of specific bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria , Lactobacilli and Bacteroides. Recently, natural and healthy is a important subject in food industry, Gum Arabic is a key role in this category.

The farmer picking the gum from Acacia tree.

Viscosity and concentration of gum Arabic